Strategic Thinking Intro


This course explains strategic thinking and how, lacking this understanding, executives take a tactical approach to strategy. The result is that they fail to improve the competitive position of their business. 

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Create A Strategic Vision


Teaches executive's to tap into their creative  mind so that they can realize a clear, concise and actionable strategic vision.

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Create A Strategic Business Model


Once you have had a strategic vision, it must be made into a tangible concept so that is can be evaluated as a strategic opportunity. A great way to do this is to create a business model

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Evaluate Your Strategic Concept


Judge whether a strategic concept represents a strategic opportunity for your business.

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Creative Problem Solving


Learn to solve problems which require creative solution with our Solution Quest Method

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The Strategic Mindset


It takes a specific mindset to be strategic. This mindset is best represented by the rare INTJ personality type. This course teaches how to shift your personality type to achieve a strategic mindset.

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