About Us



Our vision to make strategic thinking an integral part of finding strategic opportunities. Harvard Professor John Kotter once lamented that in business, "Strategic planning is anything but strategic and mostly involves long-term planning." We believe that this is because executives tend to think tactically rather than strategically. You really can't blame them since strategic thinking isn't taught in Universities, not even in MBA programs.

Our Approach


Finding strategic opportunities requires Strategic Thinking. Our unique approach, called Strategy Quest, was developed by adapting creative problem solving to strategy.  Strategy Quest is a sophisticated multi-step process for creating idea and vetting these with critical thinking.

Why Us?


  1. We are INTJs, the only truly strategic thinkers of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. We understand both business and strategic thinking. Just 2% of the population, we are rare. Most strategy consultants are not strategic thinkers. 
  2. The Internet of Things is more convenient and less expensive than attending a course. Learners take lessons at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  3. Remote coaching is less expensive than one-on-one coaching sessions because we don't have to factor our travel time and expenses into our rate. 

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